Invest in a Turnkey Paris Apartment

Would you like to invest in Paris Real Estate?

Discover what you can get:

→ An investment with higher earnings then alternative real estate opportunities (because it combines owning an apartment + high end seasonal rentals)

→ An excellent risk / reward ratio (the safety of a real estate investment, with the advantages of a higher rent)

→ An appartment which rents itself easily (while being enjoyable for you to use) because it has STYLE.

→ The maintenance of your apartment (because renters are both financially at ease and respectful + we perform maintenance & housekeeping)

→ The flexibility of an apartment in which you can live whenever you want, and which brings you money when you’re not using it

→ The choice between two formulae: Seasonal Earnings (proportionate to the occupancy rate) and Guaranteed Earnings (contractually, whatever the occupancy)

Interesting, isn’t it?


Is this offer good for YOU?

If you would like to own an apartment in Paris, but you:

√ Do not have enough Money for buying an apartment the usual way (especially in Paris)
√ Do not have enough Time (to find it, then do or supervise all the works…)
√ Cannot be physically there, all or most of the time, because you live outside Paris (or even abroad…)
√ Do not have enough knowledge (about where to look, how to design, how to rent regulary)

The A La Carte Invest offer is Your Paris pied-a-terre, designed with style, all for a price that is affordable… Because self-financed!

An appartment designed with style… Precisely what style?

Instead of giving you more words, we invite you to browse the website of our sister company, A La Carte Paris, in order to discover the kind of apartment that could be yours if you choose to work with us for your project

Affordable… But at what price?

Starting from 150K€ downpayment.

This is our price floor, below which it becomes impossible for us to start a project. However, this amount is usually enough to launch a 2-bedroom apartment project, in a central district great for short-term renting.

How does the financing work? What of the self-financing?

The minimum investment for a 2-bedroom apartment in a relevant district, including notary fees, renovation and furnishing, is 750K€. Of this amount, banks typically ask for a downpayment of 20%, which equals to 150 k€. Of course, if your downpayment is higher, you can access a bigger appartment or borrow over a shorter period.

The self-financing is related to the short-term rentals activity included in our offer: once your appartment is bought and properly designed, we then rent it for you to our high end customers. This allows you to collect income every month, thus repaying the bank loan.

Find out more about high end short term rentals…


In addition, our solution offers you An Essential Benefit : SIMPLICITY.

Maybe you don’t have the time to take care of the flat research, creating the design, supervising the works, managing the rentals (finding all the tenants), maintaining the apartment in excellent state?

Obviously, each part (even taken separately) requires dedicated time and specific knowledge. Of course, these quickly add up…

Thanks to A La Carte Invest, everything becomes SIMPLE… Because We Take Care of EVERYTHING for YOU.

In order to get more details, discover the 3 steps, or our Past Projects and Testimonials. So you can see how we make your life (and your investment) very EASY and STIMULATING for You.

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