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One key feature of the A La Carte Invest offer is that we do not only find and design your apartment in Paris. We also then Rent It Short Term for you.


> What are Short-Term Rentals?

Until recently, when you owned an apartment in Paris – and if you didn’t use it as your main home – you basically had two options:

• Keep it unhinabited (which costs money because of monthly expenses, plus the tax on uninhabited property…)

• Rent it the standard long-term way (with a lower income, risks of non-payment, risks of having the apartment deteriorated… Moreover, it prevents YOU from using your apartment, either for yourself or some family/friends that would come to Paris).

→ Short-Term Rentals are a 3rd way. They consist of renting your apartment short term (for durations from one to three weeks on average).


> What are the advantages of Short-Term Rentals?

→ Rental income is higher than standard rentals (we also offer the possibility of a guaranteed income, if you want to be sure to receive money each month, no matter the occupancy rate)
→ The certainty of being paid, because clients pay in full before arrival (vs. the risk of non payment with a long-term rental)
→ An appartment kept in excellent state (by our teams, because it is our interest as much as yours)

→ The possibility to use your apartment for yourself, whenever you wish to (read more below)


> What are “High End” Short Term Rentals, as proposed by A La Carte Paris?

We are specialized in refined apartments and high end customers:

√ We only choose apartments in locations that are highly favored by tourists

√ We design apartments with a lot of details and style, which again increases the occupancy rate (with the Internet, people now have a LOT of choice. Hence the more charming the apartment, the higher booking requests it will get). As a bonus: you will be proud and happy to own such a chic apartment, in which living is real pleasure.

√ These elements, combined with the services we provide (complete equipment, bookings directly through the web or thanks to our booker, etc…) allow you to rent your apartment for a higher amount than other seasonal rentals.

→ Conclusion : a triple win for you!


> How do Short-Term Rentals work, in practice?

Our sister company A La Carte Paris has over 10 years of experience in this activity.

1/ We find the tenants for you (= we promote your apartment through our website, you benefit from our expert team…)

2/ We maximize the occupancy rate of your apartment (thanks to our scheduling tools and dedicated booker)

3/ We take care of all the administrative/practical aspects: contracts, relationships & welcome of the tenants, potential mishaps…) and tasks related to the apartment (maintenance, cleaning…)

4/ You enjoy (and earn an income each month)


> What earnings and other advantages can I expect?

Standard long-term rentals, furnished or non furnished, usually bring in between 2 – 3% ROI. They include a number of risks (see above).

Short Term Rentals can bring you between 4.5% and 5%, which is far better. Not to mention a big advantage come resale time, due to selling a beautiful renovated and well maintained property.

Moreover, you also benefit from other advantages: you can use your apartment as a Paris pied-a-terre, enjoy it yourself, and are guaranteed to have it maintained in good condition.


> Can I use my apartment as a pied-a-terre, for myself or my family/friends?

Yes. In fact, that is one of the greatest advantages of short-term rentals. You can use your apartment anytime you want.

In practice, you will have access to our online booking software: if you want to occupy your apartment at any time, all you need to do is set your dates as “occupied” on the website. Thus, it will not be available for customer bookings on these dates. It’s as simple as that!


> Are Short Term Paris Apartment Rentals Legal?

Yes, they are.

There is currently some discussion as to the whether special authorisation is required. The housing division of the Paris Town Hall maintains that there is, while a legal analysis commissioned by the APLM professional association (of which Alex Wagner, the CEO of A La Carte Paris, is an executive board member) indicates that no such authorisation is in fact required.

The APLM has done a thorough analysis to confirm the legal standing of short-term apartment rentals in Paris. To get a copy of this analysis, as well as regular updates on the legislation of short-term rentals in Paris, just sign in to our Newsletter on the right side of this page.


> Why can I trust you?

Our sister company A La Carte Paris was one of the first to do short-term rentals in Paris, with over 10 years of experience in this new domain.

On the A La Carte Paris website, you will notice the quality of apartments, the diversity of services, the many testimonials… All of these being proof of our skill and professionalism. Skill that you will benefit from if you choose to work with A La Carte Invest.

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