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  • Marais Central (2008)
  • This project has been done for a French couple who wanted to be able to use it for their family when they come to Paris, and to realize their first real estate investment.

    When we visted this property, it was dark, old, but in a up and coming area and with a good price.

    Originally, it was a three room apartment of 35 square meters.

    The renovation took 3 months.

  • Saint Germain Elegance (2008)
  • Saint Germain Elegance has been searched and renovated for an English/French couple wanting to make a good investment in real estate.

    We found this apartment located at a perfect location in Saint Germain. I twas located on the first french floor (2nd US), in a very bad shape.

    It is 60 square meters and we all worked very hard to make it into a nice pied a terre with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

    The renovation lasted 4 months.

  • Marais Market (2008)
  • Marais Market belongs to a French investor living in London.

    He required to spend a few weeks in Paris every year and bought this apartment which had already been renovated by A La Carte invest and was already renting very well.

    We bought this property in 2008. It had a great location, and the layout was absolutely perfect, making this 35 square meters apartment look much bigger.

    It was quite old and everything needed to be redone but there was a great potential.
    The renovation took 3 months.

  • Marais Excellence (2009)
  • This project has been done for an Irish couple who were keen on owning a pied-à-terre in Paris which would also be a good investment.

    This apartment which is 85 square meters, had four rooms, and is located in a pedestrian street in the Marais.

    The renovation lasted 3 months.

  • Marais Exclusive (2009)
  • Marais Exclusive has been realized for an Irish couple.

    Paris lovers wanting to spend several weeks a year in an apartment, this couple asked our team to find a one-bedroom apartment in the Marais.

    We found a property very close to the Place des Vosges, which is sought-after and central.

    The apartement wast 55 square meters and in pretty good condition, but needed a few changes to be adapted for short-term rentals.

    The renovation took 2 months..

  • Eiffel Elegance (2010)
  • This project has been realized for a French investor linving in New York who wanted to have a pied-a-terre for his stays in Paris.
    The apartment had originally three rooms, and is located in a wonderful area of the elegant 7th district.
    The renovation took 3 months.

  • Saint Louis Secret (2011)
  • Saint Louis Secret has been searched for a French couple who live in Mozambique.

    They wanted to be able to come to Paris several times a year and to invest in real estate in France for their return.
    We found an apartment located right in the center of the very desirable Ile Saint Louis, in a small co-ownership. The bedroom window is overlooking a planted courtyard listed as a historical monument.

    It was 34 square meters and we needed a lot of ingenuity to make the most out of it.

    The renovation took 3 months..

  • Marais Collection (2011)
  • Marais Collection has been done for a couple living in Dubaï and whose family live in Paris.

    Wanting to spend several years in Paris, this couple missionned our team to find a one-bedroom apartment.

    We found an apartment in the Marais, perfect location for the A La Carte Paris clients.

    The apartment was 35 square meters, but the layout was absolutely perfect and, even if the apartment was very old, we knew it would be great once renovated.

    The renovation took 3 months.

  • Marais Panache (2012)
  • Marais Panache has been realized for a French couple living outside of Paris, whose daughter is studiying in Paris. They wanted to invest in the center of the city.

    We identified an apartment in the historic Marais, which is the most desirable area for our short-term clients.

    The apartment is 43 square meters with a succession of 5 windows overlooking a small balcony, adding great charm to the property.

    The renovation took 3 months.

  • Marais Design (2012)
  • Marais Design has been realized for a Parisian investor.

    We identified an apartment in the Haut-Marais, a very trendy area now known by the A La Carte clients as well as parisians…

    The apartment is 38 square meters and we immediately noticed that if we switched the kitchen and the bathroom and with a few tips, it would be just perfect.

    The renovation took 4 months.

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