Innovative Real Estate Investment

Would you like to invest in Short-Term Real Estate Rentals, in the easiest possible way?
Or simply, would you like to own an elegant pied-a-terre in Paris, for an affordable price?

 “From a 150K€ down payment, you can become the owner of a Parisian apartment that is both stylish and pays for itself (then brings you an income every month)”

How ?

Thanks to our simple 3-step process:

Is our offer suitable for your situation?

If you think about aquiring a pied-a-terre or a real estate investment, but:

– You lack time ?

Knowledge ?

– You do not live in Paris ?

– You do not want to manage / have to deal with all the practical aspects ?

If your project matches one or several of these situations, then you are welcome to contact us.

If so, eventually, you will be able to enjoy your appartment and earn income from it every month.



This model allows you to :

1. Own beautiful apartment in the heart of Paris, starting from a down payment of only 150K€.

2. Earn an income, when you are not using it. Short term rentals allow you first to refund the borrowed part, then to enjoy monthly earnings.

3. Peace of Mind : we take care of EVERYTHING for you. From the search and design of your apartment (by combining your expectations with the demand from the market, which we know well thanks to our 10-year experience), up to the promotion and management of short term rentals : finding the customers, managing relationships with them, keeping your property clean and in good condition…

4. Flexibility :

– In terms of using your apartment. Since the rentals are short term, you control the occupancy planning. You may never come to the apartment (therefore letting it available for maximum occupancy rate) or you may use it as a pied-a-terre for you and your loved ones.

– On a financial level: Choose your preferred option between Seasonal Earnings (depending on the occupancy rate) and Guaranteed Earnings (by contract with us – which allows your to earn a monthly fixed amount of money, no matter what the occupancy).


Want to find out more?

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The 3 steps

Or if you are already interested…

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